Ayesha Omer and Maria Wasti Caught in bikini At Thailand Beech

Famous Pakistani Actress Maria Wasti and Ayesha Omer caught in bikni on trip to Thailand. someone leak these pictures on social media to show what respected actors do behind the camera.

AyeshaUmar Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer on vacation in Thiland19 Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer on vacation in Thiland17 Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer on vacation in Thiland16 Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer on vacation in Thiland8 Maria Wasti & Ayesha Omer on vacation in Thiland3 AyeshaUmar (5) AyeshaUmar (4) AyeshaUmar (3) AyeshaUmar (2) Ayesha_Omar_08

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  1. Tahir Nafeesa says:

    Are they Muslims?

  2. Sahiba Sahib says:

    sharam aani chahiay khud ko muslim kehte huay.

  3. Taj Ahmed says:

    What's the big deal that there in Thailand , they prob. wear them in Pakistan too….

  4. Samina Baig says:

    this normal stuf for them….

  5. Anonymous says:

    see about all about pakistani actor and actress news in this link…http://topstars.com.pk/pictures-of-tarang-house-full-awards/.

  6. Saima Abrar Bhutta says:

    It's no ones business what she does—-people should mind their own business for a change—-sharam ani chahiay finger point kartay huay—lol!

  7. Shahnaz Khan says:

    d thng is that thy r enjoyng and d people who fnger ponint r frustratng.

  8. sameful thing is his dreeses islam does not give him to much freedom so sameful bc.

  9. Qazi Ghulam Ali says:

    nice yaar yes kali bili mariya bhi kya lag rahi hai.

  10. Sameer Malik says:


  11. Samiya Saeed says:

    looking great 😀 <3 Ayesha Omar.

  12. I luv maria wasti…..she is black beauty.

  13. Muhammad Ali says:

    wrong but i think my would be more guilty if we discus petsonalities. and in upper class it is a common thing. but obvoously wrong

  14. Faizan Khan says:

    well this thng r not in normal routng for them but now aday where media is in top in pakistan.they wear this bikni typ sexy item things…'

  15. matlab jo0 galt ha .. usy galt hi rheny diya jay…
    upper ja k hissab ko0n dy ga…?

  16. our problm is that.. thy call them Muslims..

  17. Mansoor Khan says:

    hmmm i agree with u ayesha umer is so nice r u also sexy saimya ?

  18. Ali Umer says:

    actually prbl yes ni k what she wearing prbl just itni ci hai hm logo ko finger uthny ki ahdat hai so yes ahdat ki majbori hai…..hamin kud makohi burai nazer ni ahti bs dosron ma noqs talash karna hi hamara kam hai so try to bi honest urself…….or vasy bi ap kuch ahcha karo ya bura tanqed karny waly always kary gy…bcoz aadat ki majbori……:).. :)

  19. Farhan Hameed wah o tharki

  20. Syed Kashif Ali says:

    So what yar, that's personal acts of these two, who the hell we're to interfere? it's really a shame that we're watching them on TV, and these pictures again n again with wide open eyes, and still criticizing like idiots.

    grow up all of you, stop being personal with someone's personal life.

  21. Rizwan Ridhtzi says:

    Wow miss Saima Abrar you mean that we kill our own proud of begin muslims…. as usual main to yeh pic dekh k ignore hi krne wala tha k ap ka comment prh k gussa agaya….sorry but its true bcz i am muslim and i m proud to be…….

    kam se kam inko apne pics dekh k sharam to aye gi… warna beshak naked pics utarwain… its not our business :)

  22. Ameer Hamza Ejaz tu apny hisab ki fikar kr, un ki chinta krni chor

  23. Ameer Hamza Ejaz har banday nay apna apna hisab dena hai.. agar hisab ka itna he khyal hai tou link ka caption dekh kar aap ko page kholn he nhe chahye tha.. hum unfortunately aaj apnay hisab ko bhool chukay hain aur baki sab par nuktacheni karna apna aw'waleen farz samjhtay hain.

  24. Ali Khan says:

    Toubha ALLAH maf kry

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