Breakthrough – Wrangler’s Moisturizing Jeans

What else can it be considered as other than a breakthrough in the fashion industry? Wrangler, one of the leaders in the fashion industry has come up with this unique idea of body moisturizer denim that provokes the fashion frenzy people to go for this immaculate change of moisturizing once lower body with a pair of jeans. The skinny style jeans have been treated with hydrating oils and butters in an aim to battle cellulite, according to British Vogue. There will be about three main finishes that will surely attract a huge amount of customers, the finishes will probably of Aloe Vera, Olive extract and smooth legs.

This unique product will hit the renowned retail outlets across the globe, forcing the jeans suppliers to accept this uniqueness as soon as possible in order to keep themselves abreast with the new fashion trend. Prior to this innovation, Levi’s came up with the idea of “Going Green” and working to reduce the considerable amount of toxic but now Wrangler has introduce something innovative.

The drawback of Wrangler’s product is that the moisturizing ingredients evaporates in a couple of weeks time but the purchasers may be given a chance to buy a reload spray that will last between 67-95 wears. We can consider this as a cost effective way to take special care of your skin on the lower body and at the same time wear something that makes you feel comfortable and lets you enjoy the day to day running activities.

Now the question arises that if this technology is used for the men jeans let’s suppose if this is used in high waisted men jeans so will it be accepted by the masses or people would refrain from wearing such denims?

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