Female Body Shapes

Female Body Shapes


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  1. Farhad Ali says:

    chochoo what is this//?

  2. Faiza Khan says:

    which one is the best shape for female?
    what's pear shape?

  3. Anam NutritionTraitor says:

    Most look same to me….=/.
    No offense but all are beautiful…

  4. Aisha Guzel says:

    hourglass so fit

  5. Omer Jabbar says:

    petite and pear…. most of two are common.

  6. Faseeha Fariz says:


  7. Christina Pasarya says:

    What if your everything but slender and petite? :-(

  8. all r same exept pear n apple but the hair style……….

  9. Sunny Gill says:

    if u think both are beautiful then me too think that

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