Sara chaudhry wedding photos

Sara Chaudhry married Sami Khan, Sara is most popular model and an actress of Pakistan. Sara initiated her carrier as a model and later she indulge in acting. Sara Chaudhry is her showbiz name and her own name is Iqra and she took part in modeling in very early age. Sara was engaged with Sami khan in her childhood and married. She is a beautiful model and an outstanding actress, “Behlawa” was her first drama which was a master piece.

Many classic dramas are in her credits like Dil Diya Dehlez, Malangi, Tery Pehlu Mein, Wo RIshty Wo Natay etc. Many commercials are also in her list.Sara Chaudhry was born on 1987, she participated in showbiz activities at the age of thirteenth. Her real goal was to be a doctor, but she joined showbiz in her early age when she was in grade eight and did very well.

Sara parents support her in this profession and encourage her about fashion, modeling and acting. Her parents engaged her in childhood and she married that same Sami khan.

Beautiful sara chaudhry wedding pictures Sara-Chaudhry


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  1. Mahwish Mateen says:


  2. is ny tu parda shoru kerdiya tha shied..

  3. Bilal Chohan says:

    yes old pictures hain.

  4. Bilal Chohan says:

    now she is a religeous lady..

  5. Tazeem Iqbal Ch says:

    First she didn't marry to the person she got engaged in the childhood. Secondly she wears naqab now so better stop her such pictures. Fear ALLAH. ALLAH has guided her and may ALLAH guide us all amen amen.

  6. Amna Tariq says:

    Please stopn posting her pictures as she nw do full parda…

  7. Ayesha Muzaffar says:

    u r8t :)

  8. Rooma Chaudhary says:


  9. Fariha Imran says:

    stop posting her pictures, khuda k khauf se daru.sara ne tooba kr k seedha rasta ikhtyar kya hai. wo parda krti hai and plz respect that.

  10. Raazia RaAsi says:


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