side effects of wearing artificial nails

Artificial nails are becoming very popular for style & fashion

Does this risk for natural nails?

If so, what advice to minimize and not to endanger our nails?

What are the side effects of wearing artificial nails?

  • The  Artificial nails tend to loosen natural nails hidden under the Artificial nails, the real nails become brittle, thinner and crumble. Glue used during the application of artificial nails is involved toxic, it can directly attack the keratin (the substance causing real nails).
  • Artificial nails also promote bacterial infections.
  • Artificial nails are made of acrylic resin, a substance that can cause irritation and eczema.
  • In some conditions it can also suspected to increase the risk of skin cancer .
  • Warning, this hypothesis is currently based on very few cases … These are ultraviolet lamps (UVA) used for affixing Artificial nails that are implicated.

*Note that these risks are much greater than the false nails are placed on already damaged and weakened real nails.

How to minimize the side effects of wearing artificial nails

  • leave usage of false nails forever.
  • Otherwise, use Artificial nails only on special circumstances like; Christmas, your birthday party, a wedding, etc.
    Means that wear Artificial nails must remain exceptional.
  • The capsules are less dangerous than artificial nails shaped.
  • It is also recommended don’t place it for a long time, up to one week, not months as is common practice!
  • If this is exceptional, worth a shot to ask do fake nails by a professional reputation.
  • In doubt, the appearance, color or weakness of your nails, see a dermatologist.
    It will help you identify the problem and give you advice or treatment for nails back healthy.

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